Smart Quest | The Art of Knowledge

Documenting the creative process and travels of California based street artist Shak “Smart” Manners.
Pura Vida Printing | Playa Guiones – Nosara, Costa Rica

This year has been absolutely insane for Prove Nothing including our opening of Pura Vida Printing a Nosara based Screen Printing service. The coolest thing that’s happened though is the merge with long time friend, college roommate, fellow artist, and can slayer, Shak of Smart Quest. He was the first Artist-In-Residence we have ever hosted coming all the way from Los Angeles, California to kick it with us in Costa Rica. With him came a graffiti street style he has manifested and developed over the years. Originally from PG County just outside of the nations capitol he now resides on the west coast where there is no shortage of huge walls or opportunities. We have an open door policy with this guy which means he’ll prolly being throwing his flip flops in the backpack and cruising south to hang with us pretty often.